Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Welcome to Winters Distributing's Weblog!

Hi, my name is Talena Winters, owner of Winters Distributing. This weblog is to keep you updated about what's happening with Winters Distributing, Wells 5 Star Equine Products, and the equine industry.

We believe in using natural products and fibers to protect your horse. That is why Wells 5 Star Equine Products saddle pads are made out of 90% virgin wool, with only 10% reworked wool--a higher-quality wool than any other saddle pad manufacturer.

I am proud to be one Wells 5 Star Equine Products best retailers on the web. My actual office is located in the small town of Peace River, Alberta, but I have sold saddle pads and cinchas to people all over the world. I strive to give the best customer service possible--this, combined with the way folks at 5 Star stand behind their pad, have been the key factors to my fabulous feedback rating in my eBay business.

Please bookmark this blog and check regularly for updates and info on what's new.

I look forward to serving you!

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Anonymous said...

5 Star Equine Products appreciates the dedication and service you give to your customers, because ultimately, your satisfied customers are our satisfied customers.
Thank you for being one of our GREAT dealers!!
Laurel Easton