Thursday, May 11, 2006

On Sale: May 10 to 17

This week the following pads are on sale:

3/4" 30"x30" Black Horse Contoured Saddle Pad: $143.95
1" 30"x30" Natural Mule Contoured Saddle Pad: $152.95

These are in addition to the limited-time sale offerings in the left sidebar of this page.

Also, this week, watch for more colors and sizes of mule pads to become available in my store.

On a side note, I just found this article about Ray Hunt:

Ray Hunt - A Legend In His Own Time

From the article:

"The horse - he's is a living, feeling, decision-making animal. He's willing to learn, but you've got to show him. So you make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy. You just fix it up, and let him find it. Notice the smallest change and the slightest try." These words would echo again each time I met Ray, and yet each time they would bring a new and deeper meaning...

What was most compelling about Ray was the easy relationship he had with his horse. He called it respect, but when Ray spoke of respect, it brought a new dimension to the word -- an awareness that the human was no better than the horse, just different. And the horse was no better than the human. Like apples and tomatoes -- you can't really say one is more important than the other. If you're a hamburger, you may like tomatoes better, or if you're a fruit salad, you may like apples better. But that doesn't mean that one is better than the other. Each one is just uniquely what it is. What he was getting at, I knew was true, but did I really believe it? Did I really believe that I was no better than the horse?

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