Saturday, February 24, 2007

Check out Kim's Crystal Creations

This talented lady has made some gorgeous tack, with plenty of bling for your horse! If you want a little more glitter and flash in the ring, you may want to check out Kim's Crystal Creations.

All I can say is: Beautiful!

From her home page:

"My horse Charlie is the inspiration for my crystal creations. His glistening coat needed tack that was equally as beautiful to match his stunning personality. Nothing on the market proved to be unique or brilliant enough to stand out in a crowd. I also noticed that with most of the crystal tack products available, the crystals fell off after a short period of use. They just didn't stand up to the grueling challenges of horse back riders.

I decided to make my own crystal tack and after many different creations, people started asking me where I "bought" my tack. I just grinned and said "I made this" and that's all she wrote. Now I make durable crystal tack for other people who want brilliant glitz on their horses or even on their own clothes!"

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