Thursday, August 09, 2007

Trail/Endurance Pads are in the store

Hey, everyone! Well, after so many people kept asking me about them, I finally got the Trail/Endurance pads listed in my store. You can find them by going to my store at, clicking on "Western Saddle Pads" in the left side-bar, then "Trail/Endurance Pads."

With these pads, I began the switch over to the new listing format that I am going to be phasing in over the next month or so. Since each pad thickness has only two price tiers--undyed, and dyed--I will be grouping all the dyed colour pads together in one listing for each style and thickness. You will just have to specify colour when you order.

This saves me having to revise 100+ listings every time felt prices go up. This saves you time sifting through hundreds of listings to find the pad you want. I think it's win-win. (Oh, and you're going to see me phasing the latest change in price in at the same time, too--I have been eating the difference myself since June 1, since I simply haven't had time to go through and change everything!)

Anyway, back to the Endurance pads. These were originally designed to complement the High Plains and Trooper saddles that Tucker puts out. Now they are known as the square-skirted and round-skirted Endurance pads.



Aren't they purty?

Just makes you want to run out and buy a saddle to match, doesn't it? ;-)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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