Thursday, September 04, 2008

Movin' On

For three and a half years, now, I have enjoyed providing 5 Star Equine Products to people all over the world. Thanks to the industry I am in, my customers, almost exclusively, have been easy to work with and a joy to serve. And I have managed to do all this from my home in Alberta, Canada.

Now, my relationship with 5 Star Equine products is being taken to the next level. You see, not many of you know that the founder and President of the company is my mother, Laurel Easton. (Here she is pictured with my grandmother in a photo I took last week on Mom's visit to Alberta.) Also, for several years now, Laurel and her husband, Mike, have been looking to move on to bigger and better things... like retirement!

So, over the course of this year, my husband and I--after much prayer and thought--have decided to move down to Arkansas to work with, and eventually take over, 5 Star. My role in this, at least for a while, will continue to be pretty much the same as it is right now--stay home and raise my three boys and run my eBay business. Jason will be the one that will be immediately involved in several aspects of 5 Star's business when we get down there.

Never fear--other than a few weeks window, between September 18 to about October 5, my service to you will go uninterrupted. In fact, I may now be able to offer more items in my "bargain basement" as I will be able to go and photograph them personally, moving some extra stock out of the shop. Oh, and when they are behind, I might occasionally get to sew your pads or make your cinchas myself! :-)

Please be patient as we enter this new chapter of our lives. I apologize in advance for the communications blackout that is about to ensue. I thank you for all of your support over the last three years, and look forward to serving you for a while to come.

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