Friday, October 03, 2008

5 Star makes Saddle Pad for George W. Bush

Yesterday, I visited the 5 Star shop for the first time since arriving in Arkansas. When I arrived, Mike Easton was being interviewed by the Mena Star, because 5 Star had been commissioned to make a vaquero cinch and custom-made pad for President George W. Bush!

What a prestigious honour for this company! They were commissioned to make a quality pad and cinch by the American Bison Grower's Association, who had been commissioned, in turn, to make a custom saddle for the president. The leather is all bison leather, and there was a thin layer of ultra-soft bison fabric laminated to the top of 5 Star's regular felt for the pad.

The cinch is the handiwork of 5 Star employee Debbie Owens.

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