Thursday, October 08, 2009

Movin' Back

Hello, folks. I just realized that I have not updated my customers and readers in quite some time about what is happening in our lives, and the tumultuous changes that have occurred during the past year.

Things didn't work out in Arkansas quite the way all of us [Mike and Laurel, as well as ourselves] had hoped. Our family arrived at 5 Star in October--just in time for the economy to take a steep downhill rush. During those uncertain times, no one was sure how long we should try and hold on, but finally, around New Year's Eve, the decision was made that our family's trial-run was over, and we would be moving back to Canada.

We didn't all come back at the same time--my husband made it up at the end of January, still in time for plenty of deep-freeze-like weather. Our children and I came up in the spring, finally arriving back in Peace River by mid-April. During this summer, we have lived with a couple of different families as we were putting a mobile home and utilities onto some bare land we own, moving in to an uncompleted site in August. All of our utilities were put in before the temperatures dropped too much, thankfully. As I type, the snow has officially flown here, and my husband is putting the last bit of skirting on our trailer! We will be glad to have that project off of our list!

We are excited to finally be living on our own property in the country. I am looking forward to getting some chickens next year. (I'm hoping for a milk cow by next year, too, but we'd have to put up a fence and a shelter to accomplish that one--we'll see how it goes!) Eventually, we are looking forward to finally having horses of our own. My oldest son has been asking when we will get a horse since he was three--and he turns seven in two weeks!

I thank you all for being patient with me over this past year, as I have been moving, and pioneering, and home schooling, and trying to run a business at the same time!


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