Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Soon...

Spring has finally found us in the North, and I am glorying in the sun that is pouring in through my window into the office. Never mind the snowstorm that dropped about a foot of snow on us over the weekend and snowed us in--it wouldn't be springtime in Alberta without a freak blizzard or two. And the sun is doing its darndest to make sure that winter knows who is in charge, now.


While I've been watching the days getting longer, and waiting for my garden to be uncovered, I have also been working feverishly on the next venture of Winters Distributing--my own, independent webstore. I have sold exclusively on eBay since I started business in 2005, and while my business has grown, so have my needs.


Don't worry, I won't be closing my eBay store, for those of you who like to shop there. However, while my new store will have an expanded selection, carrying ALL of 5 Star's offerings (and with the potential to expand my supplier list in the future), I will be downsizing items from my eBay store that rarely sell.


The good news for you all is that the new store will make it easy for you to communicate customization preferences such as round corners, leather colours, and even on personalization items such as embroidered logos. Hopefully, the format will also make it easier for you to navigate to exactly what you are looking for.


My goal is to have the new store open for business in about two weeks. I will keep you posted!


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