Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The More Things Change:
While nothing much has changed here at Winters Distributing lately, other than winter firmly establishing itself in these parts (we're looking at a cold snap--highs of -24C--for the rest of the week), 5 Star Equine Products has seen a couple of exciting events lately.

First of all, Mike and Laurel Easton, the co-president and founder of 5 Star, appeared on Rural TV's "Horse Talk Live" show on October 29. They had a great time showcasing some of 5 Star's background and products. You can check out the full 50-minute show here.

Following hard on the heels of that, and after much careful consideration, Mike and Laurel handed the reins of 5 Star over to Terry (far right) and Julia (centre) Moore and their family, who bought the business on November 1.

While I am a little sad that my mom and step-dad's business has changed hands, I look forward to getting to know the Moores--from everything I've heard, 5 Star is still in very capable hands.

Laurel will be remaining at 5 Star for the next few months during the transition. After that? Well, I finally get to have her as my neighbour here in Peace River, instead of my supplier down in Arkansas! :-)

The more they stay the same:
Winters Distributing will continue to offer you the same great service you have come to expect, on into the future.

So let's raise our glasses to new beginnings at 5 Star! I'm sure that the future holds great things! (Glasses clink.)

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